What Is The Difference between PGDM and MBA Programme ?

This is the  often query from the graduates, I run over who are trying for the management courses.

PGDM(Post graduate diploma in management) or MBA(Masters in business administration), both the courses have a business direction. The principle point of these courses is to furnish an individual with the abilities to climb in the hierarchy. While both the courses have same result as far as business prospective, there are some questionable contrast.]

1)PGDM is a diploma course though MBA is a degree course.

2)In most cases MBA schedule plan are produces by university and are ordinarily overhauled following 3 to 4 years while PGDM courses are planned by individual institute  which gives them the adaptability to update the course when required remembering the current corporate/ industrial requirements.

3) As per some industry experts, MBA courses focuses more on theoretical aspect of management, whereas PGDM courses focuses more on practical and skill based learning.

4)It has additionally been seen that most MBA courses have lower educational fees when contrasted with PGDM courses. This is most a direct result of MBA degrees been granted by universities get monetary guide and awards from the government making the degree less cheaper for the students.

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