PG CPS & FCPS Courses in India

CPS (College of Physicians and Surgeons) Medical PG Diploma DGO DCH and D.Patho along with all FCPS courses, with the exception of FCPS ORTHO that are recognized by MCI.CPS is among the oldest medical institutions since 1912. The courses run by CPS were recognized by Maharashtra medical council and Gujrat Medical council but lately Rajasthan,MP,Bihar,Chattisgarh,Orissa too recognised cps medical pg medical courses i.e The mbbs graduate who completes the medical PG diploma course or FCPS course from cps approved/recognised hospital were entitled to practice as an PG doctor in above mentioned states, Now MCI has recognised DGO, DCH & D. PAtho with FCPS MEDICAL PG Courses since the batch of 2009. The Postgraduate Doctor with a the diploma of a CPS recognized COLLEGE/Hospitals is able to practice in any part of India or may take up the DNB secondary courses. CPS DIPLOMA courses are extremely affordable , and those who are pursuing CPS diplomas will be exposed to real-world experience when they work in a specific specialty hospitals that specialize in their field of. If you are a low-budget Pg candidates, a CPS diplomas will provide a the only hope. The courses that are MCI recognized include: CPS DGO,CPS DCH DPatho, FCPS Surgery,FCPS Ophalmology Pathology, FCPS Gynecology.

State council-approved courses include:CPS Radiology,CPS Dermatology and Orthopedics,CPS Ophthalm TBand Chest,CPS ENT, CPS Tropical Medical …….etc.

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